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In Conversation with... SHARDS

There is no doubt that Liverpool doesn’t seem to have a shortage of bands, with the cities rich musical history there’s no wonder why thousands of people follow in the footsteps of the cities greats. With that being said, no band in Liverpool seems to stand out to us as much as SHARDS do, their upbeat songs tied in with their wonderful personalities mean they’re easily ones to watch.

We caught up with the lads, Alex, Dan, Paddy & Cain to talk about their up and coming music and what they think of the Liverpool music scene today.

Hi lads! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First thing’s first, what’s your next single called and when is it out?

Alex: It’s called ‘Motel x’ and it should be out around June.

Can’t wait to hear it! Given that you’re all from Liverpool and are heavily involved in the music scene of the city, do you think you sound like any other band in Liverpool?

Alex: No, we don’t want to.

Cain: No one’s doing it like the Shard-y boys. We’re unique.

Alex: The reason why (we are unique) is because we’re four different boys with four different personalities; we all like different things.

Cain: We all like different music so all our music tastes come together and that makes the “Shards” sound.

Is there any band in Liverpool that you like?

Cain: We like Spilt.

Paddy: Samurai Kip.

Both great bands! In regards to genre, would you say your music is part of a specific genre or do you not believe in genre like many others anymore?

Cain: We don’t know, that’s the thing everyone we’ve spoken to have also said they have no clue what genre we are.

Alex: I think it’s a mix of different genres.

I guess we’ll find out when the new music comes is released! If you could liken yourself to any band in any era, who would it be?

Cain: I’d say The Strokes because I love The Strokes but-

Alex: No, I don’t like being likened to any band because people ask for your influences and you say “oh it’s this person and this person” and then everyone just associates you with them.

So you don’t want to box yourselves in or anything?

Alex: Yeah, basically.

Good stuff. Who’s your dream band to tour with?

Cain: The Maccabees.

Sorry to break it to you but The Maccabees split up last year…

Cain: Fuck… Mac DeMarco then.

Paddy: Peace and Jaws also.

All great artists! What do you think of the current state of music, in terms of streaming being the number one access to music?

Paddy: Boss. Just absolutely amazing.

Cain: It’s easy to get your music out there through streaming. I think people should move on and stop living in the past.

Do you have any favourite venues?

Dan: Probably the Hollywood Bowl.

Alex: Yeah, I’d agree.

In terms of venues that you’ve played...

Paddy: Oh erm… Studio 2. It’s decorated nicely.

Alex: Yeah, it looks nice, it sounds nice, there’s generally a good atmosphere there.

Paddy: Not too big, not too small.

Cain: I like Sound Basement, I think ‘cause we’ve played there a few times and we’re just used to it.

All the love and thanks to the lads for sitting down with us and having a chat! We can’t wait to hear the new music.


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