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Evergreen music from pop’s newest star: Phoebe Green’s debut album ‘Lucky Me’

The genre of pop music is an ever-changing landscape that is as much about progression as it is nostalgia. Every few years this arena sees a shift as new talents emerge and evolve the sound. A constantly changing force barreling along, that without close attention seems to be on a singular path in one direction. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The direction and future of the sound is shaped by the new artists that emerge having honed their ability in a pot of influence and inspiration. Lucky Me, the debut studio album from Phoebe Green is an album that epitomises this. An artist that began as a guitar-wielding indie bedroom-pop star has evolved into a space even she believed unlikely. However despite this, in the 7 years since her debut releases, Phoebe Green has become the artist she seems destined to have become.

Lucky Me is an incredibly introspective album that can only come from an artist with an intense level of self-awareness. Crushing honesty on ones self and relationships underpinned by gritty basslines, brooding synths, and a juxtaposing insistence to dance through pain. Filled with the aforementioned essential components of pop, Lucky Me sees Green hit all the needed markers and then push past to create a new road. Whether it's the essence of early 2000s drum machines or ‘80s synths, their pairing with Phoebe’s northern spoken word creates an entirely unique experience. While tracks like Just a Game and Sweat stand out as the most quintessential pop songs, you would be foolish to overlook their continuation of what Green is laying out. Everything is intentional here, lyrically and sonically. Everything has a place and each has its reason. Additionally, Crying In The Club is a song that is everything that its title suggests. A deep dive into self-identity, growth, and external perception while imploring you to move your feet with its garage-esque beat and its screamed backing vocals.

Leach sees Green delve further into the realms of self-identification through the medium of social interaction, a pursuit that seldom results in short, easily digestible answers. With its swirling synths and enticing flourishes as each minute passes you’re drawn closer to the centre of the track and its whirlwind contents, wondering how you got there and where you came from. Entirely immersed for the duration.

At nearly 44 minutes of atmospheric introspection combined with new age pop brilliance, this record creates bliss and devastation in the same breath. Song styles and structures that are surely to be expanded upon as Phoebe progresses in her career as a standout Popstar of the future.

Phoebe Green's latest album 'Lucky Me' is currently available to stream on all major platforms here. Catch Phoebe on her headline tour in November/December 2022 at the dates below, find tickets here.


16th - Grand Social, Dublin

18th - Broadcast, Glasgow

19th - Mash House, Edinburgh

20th - Key Club, Leeds

22nd - Omeara, London

23rd - Bodega, Nottingham

24th - Louisiana, Bristol

26th - YES, Manchester

28th - The Cluny, Newcastle Upon-Tyne

30th - Bootleg, Blackpool


1st - Leaf, Liverpool

3rd - The Green Door Store, Brighton

4th - Joiners, Southampton

Follow Phoebe Green online:

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