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Inhaler tease new sound with their recent single ‘If You’re Gonna Break My Heart’

Towards the end of last year, Inhaler, the lovable alternative-rock quartet from Ireland, confirmed the details surrounding their second studio album. After much anticipation amongst listeners, the album is almost here, as Cuts and Bruises is due to be released in just nine days’ time. The Dublin lads have teased their new sound with their latest single, If You’re Gonna Break My Heart, which has already racked up an impressive 111K views on the official YouTube video. The success of the six-day-old release, littered with compliments and praise, verifies the loyal fanbase the band have solidified, predominantly over the past five years, and leaves us eagerly awaiting to indulge in the rest of the album.

The release of their catchy new tune has given listeners a taste of what is soon to follow, and, so far, it seems the indie-rock group have upheld their reputation for shaping their music around the subjects of love and heartbreak. There is an element of melancholic softness behind their new sound, which, as the song title suggests, touches on the heartache that love so often brings. Initially, the single is comparable to the nostalgic sound and style of Submarine, the debut solo EP by Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner. The vocals swiftly transition, as lead singer, Elijah Hewson, advances with a pleasant, Americanised accent. The track instantaneously becomes more akin to The Killers than Turner, as Hewson swaps his Irish pronunciations for a true Las Vegas twang. These subtle similarities are nothing but commendations; Inhaler have successfully produced a unique adaptation of dusky disco-rock entwined with a hauntingly sorrowful sound.

The contemplative sadness that is translated through the single’s silky vocals and smooth instrumentals also captures the solemn sound of well-loved 80s bands, such as The Smiths and Joy Division. Inhaler have put a modernised twist on these Manchester bands, replicating a recognisable yet exclusive sound that is bound to rejuvenate the current music scene for all the right reasons. It seems the band are here to provide us with a new take on this beloved, timeless music and the resurrection of the 1980s post-punk era will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms. Inhalerhave returned on top form, and whilst they possess attributes of other bands, they also manage to obtain clear distinctions and a noticeable individuality with their alternative sound.

I showed you mercy. You showed me murder.’ Lyrically, the new track is heartfelt, relatable and clever. The lads represent heartbreak poetically, rather than in a tasteless, cliché manner. The amalgamation of their poignant song-writing and elegiac instrumentals are representative of each of the band members’ talents and their efforts and attentiveness within every sector and detail involved in the creation of their music. The hard-work has evidently paid off, as the band are due to support Arctic Monkeys on their spring tour this year, as well as Harry Styles and Sam Fender in June. On a whole, it’s looking as though 2023 could be the biggest year for the band to date.

From supporting renowned artists to the lads hinting that they are already writing songs for their third studio album, it’s apparent that Inhaler aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With their lovable, laidback appearance, a valued indie-rock album already in the bag and their representation of being a group of down-to-earth, humble, modest men – I’m certain the band have many future years of success to look forward to.

Listen to If You're Gonna Break My Heart and watch the official video below!

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