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Larkins release their monumental debut album 'JCOY'

Larkins - JCOY

After a hellish few years for the music industry, Larkins have proved to us there is a heaven, and it comes in form of their monumental debut album JCOY - out via Good Soldier on 29th October.

The alt-pop four piece, lead by lead vocalist Josh Noble, bassist Henry Beach, lead guitarist Dom Want and drummer Joe Gaskell, have put a hard graft in for the last few years to prove that they are one of the best bands around right now, and it has not gone unnoticed. JCOY has arrived at a time when the world needed some light, it is a time in the music industry where young people want someone they can look up to without the worry of them being revealed to be evil people. Larkins are not only one of the most exciting bands in the county right now, but also the best role models, they have built-up a fan base through their infectious pop music, but also by being genuinely good people. From group chats to Discord servers and Twitch streams, the band are constantly in contact with their fans, asking them their opinion on different topics and how the band can help their fans feel safe at live shows. It is refreshing to see artists in this day and age who actually have a good relationship with their fans, instead of putting it on just for show.

JCOY is filled to the brim by pop anthems for the ages, coupled with heart-wrenching lyrics that are designed to be shouted at the top of your lungs. We heard the first track from JCOY way back in 2020, a track that propelled the band from their indie guitar band roots, into unapologetic pop music. Are We Having Any Fun Yet? as a concept seems very apt in the current climate. The tense, driven beat explodes into the chorus, reminding us of the band's blistering live performances that they have become renowned for. Digital Love is an unexpected move from the band - a piano ballad version of Daft Punk's electronic classic. Their two worlds combine in perfect harmony as the stripped back nature of the song leave lead singer Josh's emotion to seep into your every pore. He may not have written these lyrics, but you wouldn't question whether he meant them for a second.

No Life is moment of uplift from the heartbreak we have just experienced, the fleeting hopefulness in the music juxtaposes another emotional lyric. It would not be misplaced in a teen-movie love interest montage - that scene where the boy realizes he lost the girl and is currently running through the school before the prom to find her with someone else. The track gives you an intense nostalgia for a time you never had. The album continues with tracks such as snwflk (interlude) which addresses the 'snowflake' generation, and owns the label in a witty, tongue-in-cheek manner, This Is Gonna Hurt which has already become a fan favourite after it's release in August, a track more reminiscent of Jon Bellion and Quinn XCII than your typical guitar band influences. Followed by if + when which serves as the most hard hitting track on the album, written during a trip to LA as a promise to do better for their friends...

hurt your heart offers the most beautiful second verse, full of incredible lyrics that a lot of listeners will ultimately relate to, followed by over it which rounds off the album with a off-kilter production that pushes the boundaries of pop music even further than expected. Minimal synth production meets 00's pop acoustic guitar work and a chorus that is never leaving your head. This record has been an incredibly long time coming. It's hard to believe that this is their first full length release considering everything they've already achieved. Regardless, the wait has been well worth it. Larkins are only just getting started.

JCOY, the debut album from Larkins is released on 29th October via Good Soldier.

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