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LIVE: CRAWLERS @ Jimmy's Liverpool

Shooting at Jimmy's is always a lovely experience for me. I find it to be such a great venue and it always provides such an intimate experience, so when I had the opportunity to photograph for CRAWLERS in Jimmy’s on their debut headline, I was sure to jump at the chance.

The night was opened by Manchester band, Oceans On Mars, a band that were very excited to be across in Liverpool. Honestly, as a band they really surprised me, when they first came on stage, based on first impressions, I was expecting something with a very indie feel to it. So, when they started performing much heavier I was pleasantly surprised. Despite nerves of performing in a different city, the band worked well together and were a great opener, they really managed to build the energy and suspense for CRAWLERS.

After the supports set finished people began to crowd closer and closer as the suspense grew for CRAWLERS set. Now, as someone who has been a fan of CRAWLERS for a while now, this was a gig that I was very excited for, and surely enough they did not disappoint. The band put on an incredible set and they had such an amazing energy. One of the most impressive things was how well they could captivate a crowd. Throughout the entire set everyone was engaged and moving, with the band managing to get everyone to crouch down, chant back and sing with them. Lead singer, Holly Minto was great with the crowd, they had a natural confidence to them and frequently spoke to the crowd and made the show feel very intimate and personal. One of the things that I admire most about CRAWLERS is how outspoken they are as a band, with Holly going from mentioning her support of Black Trans Lives Matter, to critiquing capitalism.

This show really felt like a full circle moment to me as before the pandemic I had a photo pass to shoot for the band but unfortunately due to a lockdown the gig never happened. So, to finally be able to photograph at one of their shows really felt like a form of closure.

CRAWLERS are a band that are definitely going places quickly. The band managed to sell out their debut headline show and have no plans of slowing down, they are definitely one to follow and certainly one to see live.

You can catch CRAWLERS at their headline shown at The Grace, London on 23rd October. Find tickets here.

Gallery here. Images by Ro Dodd.

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