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LIVE: Mimi Webb @ O2 Academy 2 Liverpool

Over the last two years during the pandemic, through boredom and isolation, we saw the rise of a new generation of online social media superstars ‘The TikTokers’ and unless you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, you’d know that the next generation of young artists have been promoting and releasing their new tracks on the platform, taking online music promotion to a whole new level. Mimi Webb is just one of the extremely talented new artists that we’ve seen emerge from TikTok through-out the pandemic.

Now, I don’t know about you, but Mimi’s first single was released during the summer last year, a break-up song (of course) and to say it resonated doesn’t really cut it! I’ve been a fan of her since the first release of her absolute banger of a tune Good Without, so to say I was excited to finally get to see her live was an understatement! And in one of my favourite cities? What more could a music journalist ask for?

The venue was smaller than I would’ve imagined it to be, however, the size of the stage and venue didn’t hinder the performance that Mimi and her stellar support Casey Lowry put on for their adoring crowd of fans. I was in a room full of young women, their mums and dads and even boyfriends, who of course, ended up becoming Mimi super fans by the end of the gig. Casey, Mimi’s support act and fellow TikToker, even commented on this laughing that he felt these boys in the crowd could probably relate to a few of his songs as he sang about past relationships and how they ended disastrously! Casey definitely knew how to warm up the crowd to get them ready for Mimi, and with a cover of Begging, it's safe to say the crowd enjoyed themselves during it (and so did I, with a pint in hand of course).

Mimi came out on stage in one of the most gorgeous, very Mimi Webb style outfit I’ve ever seen and I absolutely loved it! A pink skirt and pink short top accompanied by the pink stage lights that spelled out her name really complimented each other! Along with a full stage production that could’ve matched any of the performances I’ve seen in arenas, it’s clear to see that even though Mimi is only playing smaller venues now she’s going to absolutely eat up when she plays arenas in the future!

Opening with her hit song 24/5 the show could not have got off to a better start! The crowd were singing the lyrics back in full volume, their energy didn’t stop the whole night either as the setlist, banger after banger was played by Mimi and her backing band, the dancing (and drunkenness of the older members of the crowd) only intensified and it was very clear the see that Mimi was no stranger to hyping up a crowd to enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves they certainly did! The setlist felt rather short, though in that short period of time, Mimi put on a performance I’m sure some won’t be forgetting for a while, filling them I’m sure with anticipation for her next round of tours after The Seven Shades Of Heartbreak Tour.

An incredible cover of Stay by The Kid LAROI was also added to the setlist and after was an announcement that Mimi’s newest song House On Fire (an absolute bop, by the way) was 7th in the official charts! The crowd responded in utter excitement as Mimi encouraged them to keep streaming the song in hopes that it could climb the charts even higher! Mimi finished the night on her first ever release Good Without and it was phenomenal! The short set with the craving of wanting more from the incredible young talent! Unfortunately, these unbelievable nights of music can’t last forever, no matter how much we wish they could! Mimi put on an incredible night in Liverpool, the whole of the Academy crowd spend the night jumping, dancing and singing-along, clarifying that Mimi and her band deserved to be up on that stage showing everyone what they’re made of and I hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

You can catch Mimi Webb on the rest of her tour at the following dates below, find tickets here.


24 - Newcastle University, Newcastle

26 - O2 Academy 2, Birmingham

27 - Trinity, Bristol

28 - O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

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