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LIVE: Moonfrog presents... THE KVB @ Jimmy's Liverpool

Tonight, when shooting at Jimmy’s I feel as though I felt the first sense of normality since the pandemic started. As a gig photographer who was forced to pause the way that I worked due to covid, the thought of returning to a gig, especially to shoot, was quite daunting. However, the atmosphere Moonfrog created at Jimmy's was incredible, and throughout the duration of the show I felt as though life was back to normal again. Being out photographing felt like being back at home again after a long trip.

The show was opened by God on My Right, a band that I was previously unfamiliar with. Their set had a dark and gloomy feel to it, and you could really notice every vibration as it traveled through the venue. I knew that this band was special by the way they managed to entice and captivate the crowd at Jimmy's. With their dark electronic music, they managed to entrance the entire audience. All eyes were on them, and they certainly did not disappoint.

As the countdown for THE KVB began, people quickly became very excited and started to form a tight bubble by the front of the stage. It was beautiful to find myself back in a form of community that I have previously lost due to Covid. I would describe The KVB’s performance as being more than just a show and instead an experience. The visuals in the background added layers to the performance and made for an entertaining show. They managed to create a strong atmosphere that really captivated people around. As I watched the crowd, I watched people dance and relax and just have fun, which is such an amazing thing to see during the current situation. The bands gloomy sound alongside with their visuals and energy really brought me back into my goth days and allowed a wave of nostalgia to wash over me. As I watched people with Sisters of Mercy tote bags and Christian Death t-shirts dance, I was reminded of my days in the goth clubs and it brought me so much joy to see this genre of music being passed on and shared to new fans by young and upcoming bands.

Both of the bands tonight put on an incredible set, that managed to create an intense atmosphere and left me reliving my younger years.

Gallery here. All images by Ro Dodd.

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