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LIVE: The Royston Club @ Jimmy's Liverpool

This was my first gig as a music journalist and I wasn’t used to being at a concert by myself, so I did a fair bit of standing around whilst the place was filling up. However, by the time the gig started I was totally assimilated with quite a large group of 18-21 year olds, passionately from Wrexham, who had taken the train up to see their Royston Club and wanted me to know all about it. In fact, one of the first things I noticed about them was their matching merch, all kitted out in various designs; The Royston Club’s name as famous logos, BBC, Lego, etc. A surprising number of the Wrexhamites even had two t-shirts on at once, proudly lifting them both up at me.

The openers played their parts successfully, each stirring up the steadily congregating crowd in their own respective ways. Hazmat kept everyone’s energy high as excitement for the headline brewed, with some bright, rocky hammering to greet the busying bar. By the time second bill act The Motive came on stage, I could sense an almost nervous excitement from within the tight congregation of Wrexham fans, as they jammed me in the middle of their little group; they wanted me to have a good view of "their band". With drinks ascending to the ceiling and the room now properly settled in, there seemed a great feeling amongst this Friday night crowd. I'd had a little preliminary listen to The Royston Club, but clearly there was something I had to see to get a full experience from, as with all good live music. The Motive were high energy right from the beginning, building on the back of the what the crowd was sending to them. The Motive put out the quintessential Indie sound, their songs were quite strong and easy to follow, and much to my surprise the crowd sung along with every word. To The Motive’s credit, they commanded the stage well, engaging the crowd often and, besides the sweet, mellow tunes, were quite gifted musicians too, though the singing was average. Soon, The Royston Club were on and the crowd reached the peak of their excitement. Surrounding our inner layer of Wrexham fans were people of seemingly all ages and vibes, piling in as the band kicked off the strong rhythms of their first Indie bopper. The Royston Club clearly enjoyed themselves and had great fun with the crowd as their set rolled on, their music mixed together quite energetic, even a little punky sort of rock, with the expected lush slathering of Indie tones. The songs were succinctly written and good fun. Regrettably, I’d have to say that The Royston Club weren’t hugely distinguishable from their second bill sonically, but they put on an immensely entertaining show to a crowd both waiting for and expecting it. Noteworthy too was, again, the crowd knowing every word. My favourite song from The Royston Club set was ‘Mariana’, which I think could be quite a successful Indie hit. I look forward to the band playing Liverpool in the future, and to maybe bumping into a friendly Wrexham crowd again too.

You can catch The Royston Club on the rest of their tour below and find tickets here.


25 - Victoria Vaults, York

26 - Oporto, Leeds +16