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Sam Fender releases his new track ‘Alright’ off the back of a highly successful ‘Summer of Sam’

Ahead of his unbelievable sell-out performance at Finsbury Park earlier this month, Sam Fender shared his new release Alright, a track that was initially recorded in the first sessions from his second number one charting album Seventeen Going Under. Fender kept the song away from the main record even though it was a personal favourite from the recording sessions in Newcastle and although it has been hidden away from his adoring fans, they seem to still be enjoying the new track from their Geordie Hero. The song speaks of cheating death and the theme of growing up, something Sam never seems to shy away from within his music. The song brings comfort in the truthfulness of his lyricisms and gives his audience something they can relate to as even though the subject of death can be quite daunting to discuss, the latter can find some warmth in his openness to share his personal experiences with his fans through his music. Coming to a softer and quitter ending of the song gives the audience time to reflect on the song and its meaning, adding to the comfort that it brings as it almost, to me, gives me a very nostalgic feeling and I always find myself thinking back on my own personal experiences with growing up, which only makes me fall in love with the song that little bit more. Following his stellar performance at the legendary Glastonbury Festival and his huge headline at Finsbury Park earlier this summer, it is clear to see the impact Sam’s music is having on those around him and cements him as a current and future major British musician and star, who undoubtedly has plenty more tricks up his sleeve for us all to see in the coming year. The ’Summer of Sam’ is very far from over as he jets off in support of Florence and the Machine’s US leg of the ‘Dance Fever’ tour, including a night at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City before he concludes his own run of US tour headline dates which ends in Vancouver Canada in September. The new release of ‘Alright’ is enough to spark some excitement into the anticipation of new Sam music to follow with his third album and is definitely a track to indulge in and enjoy until the wait is over.

You can listen to Sam Fender's new single Alright here and watch the official lyric video below.

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