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The Cheap Thrills are on the up with their recent single 'Reborn'

The lovable Liverpudlians, The Cheap Thrills, had a couple of treats lined up for us in March, as they announced the release of their new single, Reborn, just days after posting their upcoming UK tour dates. The indie quartet, formed in 2010, have been climbing the ladder to rock-and-roll stardom over the last few years, and, it seems as though what will have once been a pipedream, is now very much in sight. From signing to Eighties Vinyl Records in 2017 to the band’s first national radio play in 2018 to (mostly recently) winning Liverpool Band of The Year Award 2022, the boys evidently have big plans to conquer the current music scene.

Home to The Beatles, The La’s and The Wombats, Liverpool is ostensibly re-inventing its music scene as we continue to see the city spit out fresh, indie-rock bands. The Cheap Thrills are up there with the latest, as they diligently attempt to make their mark in the industry. Reborn is the latest single from the lads which has already racked up an impressive 19,000 streams on Spotify (and we can see why). The catchy new tune is a punchy, sing-a-long number with a similar sound to the likes of Liam Gallagher and Catfish and The Bottlemen. The scouse accent of lead singer, Lewis Pike, is distinguishable in his vocals and sets the single apart from cliché indie-hits; the Liverpudlian twang creates an edge to the band’s sound and minimises their similarities to other artists.

With its bold, upbeat chorus and hard-hitting riffs, Reborn is undeniably a banger. ‘I’m reborn, I’m reborn, I’m reborn, I’ve been born again.’ The repetition, elevation and intensity of the chorus provides the tune with its catchy element, whilst the prominent, piercing guitar-playing is a key, euphonious component which compliments the vocals. The track is well-worthy of being played on repeat, and we just know we’ll be bingeing the single right into summer, as the tune is the ultimate, feel-good, road-trip anthem.

In anticipation of dropping their new single, the self-made band stated on social media – ‘to be happy, we need to do the painful shit sometimes. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Life.’ The philosophical statement implies the lads have matured their outlook on life, with nothing but positive plans to move onwards and upwards. We’re hopeful their music will follow in these suggested footsteps, as we eagerly await a string of new singles in the upcoming future.

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