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Years & Years are back and better than ever with their brand new album 'Night Call'

Night Call - Years & Years

Years & Years have released their new album Night Call and it gives all the usual vibes you’d expect from our wonderful Olly Alexander, with his gorgeous vocals and dance tracks, it’s a highly anticipated but beautiful LP and comes with its own little story to tell... or at-least that’s for you to interpret, anyway. As we all know you can interpret music any way you’d like to. If a song resonates with you in a certain type of way, then no one can tell you otherwise... except the artist themselves of course.

Every artist writes an album in their own intended positioning. Each track is carefully chosen and there for a particular reason. Whether that’s to create a certain feeling when listening to it initially, whether that’s to tell a story through each track or whether they just liked putting a track in a particular position on the record and decided it would stay like that, just because they can.

I feel, personally, that Night Call tells a story if you listen to it track by track.

The LP starts off strong with tracks Consequences and Starstruck leading the way. Starstruck, though it’s only track 2 on the LP, is where I think this story begins. This song is very typical of Years & Years, it’s very dancey, pop-style and of course, like most Years & Years tunes, is extremely catchy (dangerously catchy, in-fact). So catchy that this summer it even found its way onto TikTok, where most of us couldn’t escape the song, not that anyone could complain about that.

Track 3 Night Call is the title track of the album. This song, in this part of the story, is about a one night stand and thinking about making that, maybe risky, call to a certain somebody and wanting to see if they’re brave enough to make that move. I feel that’s where most modern romances seem to begin these days. As Starstruck begins the story with that infatuation of meeting someone for the first time but Night Call comes in with that sureness of knowing that you wouldn’t mind having some fun even if it’s for a night as the lyrics ring in with “come and get it if you’re brave”.

Intimacy has a much slower tempo than the first three tracks, which adds a great contrast. Olly’s beautiful vocals accompanied by much quieter instrumentals makes you want to solely focus on his voice and the lyrics that follow. This track, tying in with the story this album is trying to dictate, is about wanting that deeper connection with someone. Something we all begin to crave after spending a while with someone. Wanting every part of them. And not just physically.

As the story continues to unfold, I feel Sweet Talker is where the relationship begins to start to break-down. This track features well-renowned act Galantis, so of course, you know you’re in for a treat at this point. With a much more summery vibe than the rest of the tracks of this album and beautiful harmonies from Olly, accompanied by an absolutely stunning set of instrumentals from Galantis, this track has quickly certified itself as my favourite. I feel in the sense of the story that this song is about loving someone but seeing through their lies and choosing to continue anyway, which you can see from the lyric, “you’re such a sweet talker / you made me believe / every lie was a beautiful sound” which is, something I’m sure we’re all guilty of.

The relationship in our story begins to break down into the nitty-gritty parts by track 7 with Sooner or Later and can really be seen in the next track 20 Minutes. This song almost seems like the conversation had between two people who, quite evidently, want to be together and have that deeper connection but aren’t sure on taking it to any other level other than just physical. It’s the rise and fall of any modern-day “talking stage” really, isn’t it? Something most parents don’t understand about relationships in the 21st century. As we start to come to the end of our story, track 10 Make It Out Alive is one of the most relatable tracks on the record. With beautiful lyricism like “you’re the storm hanging over me”, this song speaks of feeling reminiscent of someone and the deep feelings you maybe once had that have now changed.

The end of the story rounds off with See You Again and Immaculate which is another beautiful song about intimacy and the craving of feeling someone else’s flesh against yours yet knowing it’s absolutely trouble no matter how you feel about it, followed by Muscle which has just about the same premise. Finally, the album finishes just as strongly as it opened with Reflection. This is an anthem that certainly makes you want to dance (which I know is infamous in Years & Years songs, but, with this one it is meant by ten-fold). Lyrics like “we both want to fall in love but we know it’s not happening” repeats this endless cycle that many young-adults and adolescents seem to going through in modern 21st century romances, which I feel is very reflective of many people’s lives.

This album overall is incredible and, as I’ve explained here, tells a narrative perfectly through clever placing of tracks, brilliant lyricism and who could forget the gorgeous vocals of Olly Alexander!

Years & Years new album Night Call is now available to stream on all platforms. You can also catch them on tour around the UK at the following dates.


19 || Brighton || Brighton Centre

20 || Bournemouth || Bournemouth International Centre

21 || Birmingham || Birmingham Resorts World Arena

23 || Nottingham || Motorpoint Arena

26 || London || The SSE Arena, Wembley

28 || Manchester || AO Arena Manchester

25 || Glasgow || Colourboxx, Bellahouston Park

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